5 Drink Trends to Sip in 2024, From Pickle Martinis to Floral Flavor

Savory Cocktails

These cocktails, formerly considered trendy, are now refined and flavorful. 

High-end drinks are being elevated with sesame, pickles, tomatoes, maize, mushrooms, ramps, and broths.

Floral and Fruit Flavor

The next generation of cocktails will feature innovative flavors like elderflower, lavender, hibiscus, yuzu, and tamarind. 

Lemon, lime, and cranberry will remain classics. It contains Moroccan hibiscus, Nigerian ginger, Brazilian cloves, Indonesian cassia, and nutmeg.

Coffee Cocktails

The carajillo, a supercharged espresso and Licor 43 citrus and vanilla liqueur, may be the 2024 cocktail scene's brightest new star. 

Known for its simplicity and adaptability, it's excellent for breakfast, happy hour, or post-dinner digestifs and will only grow. 

The "Low and No" Movement

Manhattans, old fashioneds, and nostalgic martinis are more popular than ever, but cocktail fans don't drink them every night.

Their drinking is supplemented by low-ABV vermouth, sherry, amaro, and inventive non-alcoholic specialty drinks.

Transparency in Wine Labeling

The EU requires wineries to provide nutrition, ingredients, and allergies on their labels, either directly or by QR code.

This is great news for wine enthusiasts, who have been told grapes and sunshine make wine. 

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