4 Zodiacs With Roller Coaster Personalities


When other people are in the room with you, you act very differently. It doesn't mean you're not real, though. 

You're always who you are. You're not going to lie about what you like, what you think, or what you believe. 


When you're with other people, you act very differently. That's why you get along with a lot of people.

You're the kind of person who can talk about anything that comes up. 


The way you act around some groups of friends is very different from the way you act around other groups of friends.

It depends on what's going on. You can't always say for sure because it depends on a dozen different things. 


There are times when you act like a different person. And different people make you feel different ways.

But you just do what makes you feel good at the time.

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