4 Zodiacs Struggle to Learn from Love


You're not the mother of your lover. You can't give and give and give without getting anything in return. 

Cancers feel love as deep as the ocean, and it can burn them sometimes. 

 They might think that taking care of someone is the same thing as being a nurse, which is not a good idea. 


For Aries, love can turn into poison. It's almost too much for these fire signs to not want fiery energy in their relationships.

People know that they can't focus on anything but a roller coaster. If they don't feel excited every time they see you, they think it's a waste of their time. 

An Aries might miss out on a great love match if they don't give you a chance because they think you are too calm, shy, or dull.


Putting love into the good, the bad, and the ugly. When things are going well in a relationship, Libras get lost in the dreamy parts. 

They see only the good things and will turn anything "bad" into something that's needed for the drama that comes with being in love. 

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