3 Zodiacs Who’ll Be Plagued By Self-doubt On December 6


These days, you're strong-willed and happy to dance to your own music. 

Do people not like you? What does it matter? It's clear they don't taste good, right? But even you can have doubts about yourself. 

You're garbage! (You're not.) Even if today is a bad day, try not to carry that bad mood into the rest of the week.


What you've noticed is that having a lot to do and plan keeps you from getting stuck in bad thoughts.

You have a lot to do, how could you take the time to feel bad about yourself? Self-doubt will still come knocking on December 6 even if you have plans for the whole day, from the time you wake up until you go to sleep.

You need to stop ignoring your bad thoughts and start looking into them. It's the only way to end their suffering for good.


You're not the type to do nothing at home. Like making a blanket or climbing a mountain, you like to keep yourself busy with fun things.

Some people might think that you do these things to avoid or get away from how you feel. 

That doesn't always happen, but it could be why you're having doubts about yourself on December 6. 

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