3 Zodiacs Likely to Fall In Love This Autumn


Libras are very loving and love to make people feel good with their caring and sensual energy. 

Love should be just around the corner for you this fall. Your Libra spirit will feel energized by the sun, giving you the drive to look for love. 

In order to have the chance to fall in love, you might be willing to take a chance.


 Currently, this is the ideal time for you to seek love. 

You'll have a lot of energy to go after what you want when the full moon is in Aries. 

This could be a tough time for you emotionally, but it could also be the best time to take a chance. 


During this time, you'll feel the mysterious spirit of Scorpio. Mars also goes into Scorpio on October 12.

This will make you feel stronger this fall. You might want to take more chances in your relationship. 

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