3 Easily Scared Zodiac Signs


You hate to be the one to spoil the mystery, but you are not a lover of being frightened. 

No one is making you go to a haunted house or watch scary movies on Halloween. 

You're down to get down with everyone, but only if they're wearing cute or funny costumes. 


You don't like scary movies, and that's fine. You can see why it's popular, but you prefer comedies and romances over bloodbaths at the movies. 

But it hasn't prevented them from looking for a scary movie that you would enjoy. 

And the more they try, the more they'll be let down. But if it means spending time with your best friends, you could be game to brave a haunted house. 


The fact that you're a coward could come as a shock to those who don't know you very well.

You are, after all, a total badass in every other respect. You might imagine that you would breeze through a scary movie marathon or a visit to a haunted home. 

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