3 Best Zodiac Sign Horoscopes October 28, 2023


Taurus, it's time to embrace your introverted side. Whether you're naturally inclined that way or not, the cosmic energy is urging you to seek solitude. 

This inward journey may lead you to unexpected epiphanies and profound heart healing. 

The main astrological influence for Taurus is the Moon conjunct Jupiter retrograde in Taurus. 


Leo, your intuition should be your guiding star, especially when embarking on adventures, whether solo or with others.

Trust in the cosmic forces to protect you and those in your care. However, stay cautious and avoid taking unnecessary risks to prove your strength. 

The universe already recognizes your strength, so redirect that energy towards self-preservation.


Capricorn, your era of greatness continues. Stay humble, but acknowledge your worth. 

You are currently the cosmic favorite child, and if you strategically align your efforts, you will reap rewards for many years to come.

For Capricorn, the Sun in Scorpio and Sun trine Saturn retrograde are significant influences. 

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