10 Qualities Of A Good Woman Worth Keeping

Imagine being a deer in headlights when life throws you a curveball. However, she is eager to help you.

She laughs at ridiculous things and doesn't mind looking silly. It's about enjoying the everyday and smiling at adversity, not being the class clown.

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No games, no pretense. Leaving a stuffy environment and entering her is like fresh air. She admits her mistakes and doesn't act.

She doesn't only talk about the weather. She can debate and listen to you on deep topics.

She knows life isn't easy. She has quiet strength—not muscle or toughness—but persistence. She's a dog with a bone when she's determined. 

She specialises in that. She offers her seat on a crowded bus and pays for a stranger's coffee to make their day. 

This woman is herself. She won't wait for others to please her or decide. She's got her own interests. 

She simplifies. No hassle or trying to get attention. She'd rather solve a problem than gossip. 

Plans and circumstances change, but she adapts. She's flexible and doesn't get upset when things go wrong. 

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